Frederick Ravens Roost 43

Thanks to everyone who helped support our mission to assist those in our own communities through our raffle ticket sales. 

Congratulations to all of the 27 winners.


Come and join Frederick Ravens Roost 43 at

Ledo's Pizza, Prospect Blvd on January 9, 2019



2018 Unsung Hero Scholarship winner - Bailee Brown
2018 Unsung Hero Scholarship winner - Jackson Wilson
Jacoby Jones made an appearance at the Ravens Council Bull and Oyster Roast February 10, 2018
Captain Defense at the Ravens Council Bull Roast February 10, 2018
12/30/16 Presenting Zachary Orr with the Ravens Council Unsung Hero Award
12/30/16 Under Armour Performance Center



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To support professional football in Baltimore and our communities through charitable giving and volunteer opportunities as well as social gatherings. We bring people of all ages together who share a love for the NFL Baltimore Ravens, to bond and create friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Find out more about becoming a member of Frederick Ravens Roost 43. We meet regularly to discuss upcoming events, finalize plans and make important association decisions. All members are welcome to join. Check the event schedule now.